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Garden Bonfires
Natural inhalation exposure to coal smoke and wood smoke induces lung cancer in mice and rats
Wood Smoke Versus Cigarettes 1
Wood Smoke Versus Cigarettes 2
Find out about your MP and how to contact them.
Clean Air London
Environmental Protection Act 1990
NHS - Air pollution 'kills 40,000 a year'
The UK Local Government Ombudsman
The lung association BREATHE
Wood Smoke and Your Health EPA
Australian Air Quality Group - Woodsmoke
Wood smoke is more damaging than tobacco smoke.
How Wood Smoke Harms Your Health
Natural inhalation exposure to coal smoke and wood smoke induces lung cancer in mice and rats.
How air pollution affects your lungs
In-Home Coal and Wood Use and Lung Cancer Risk: A Pooled Analysis of the International Lung Cancer Consortium
Woodheater-Car Comparison
Air pollution: the "Heart" of the problem Full article
Collection of useful facts and comparisons eg. Emission Comparisons of Different Heating Fuels ect.
Wood-burners/ London air pollution is just tip of the iceberg | New Scientist
Preterm birth associated with maternal fine particulate matter exposure: A global, regional and national assessment
Ambient (outdoor) air quality and health
Exposure and size distribution of nitrated and oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons among the population using different household fuels.
Using PM2.5 concentrations to estimate the health burden from solid fuel combustion, with application to Irish and Scottish homes
Air quality and emissions statistics
Mapped: Where is air pollution killing the most people?
ENV02 - Air quality statistics
Pollution inventory reporting combustion activities guidance note
What to do about Nuisance Neighbours

Emissions of Air Pollutants in the UK, 1970 to 2015

Pollution watch. Please don't keep the homefires burning.
Pollution from Residential wood burning.

Oxidative Stress, DNA Damage, and Inflammation Induced by Ambient Air and Wood Smoke Particulate Matter in Human A549 and THP-1 Cell Lines

Combined Effect of Silica Nanoparticles and Benzo[a]pyrene on Cell Cycle Arrest Induction and Apoptosis in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
Wood burning pollution in southern Chile: PM2.5 source apportionment using CMB and molecular markers.
Composition and oxidative potential of PM2.5 pollution and health
Wood: The Lethal Renewable Energy Swindle
British Columbia Wood Smoke Facebook group
exposure to BC was associated with acute respiratory inflammation in schoolchildren
Wood-burning stoves: They can be bad for the environment AND your health
New Evidence of the Effect of Wood Smoke on Climate Change
Heart disease and woodsmoke - Lancet.
Link between cervical cancer, smoking rates solid fuel use proven.
BMJ-Air pollution in UK: the public health problem that won’t go away
The effects of air pollution on individual psychological distress
People with certain blood types appear to be more at risk from air pollution.
Cause-specific stillbirth and exposure to chemical constituents and sources of fine particulate matter
Effects of a catalytic converter on PCDD/F, chlorophenol and PAH emissions in residential wood combustion.
Characterization of Organic Compounds from Selected Residential Wood Stoves and Fuels

Biomarkers in Maternal and Newborn Blood Indicate Heightened Fetal Susceptibility to Procarcinogenic DNA Damage
Association of Short-term Exposure to Air Pollution With Mortality in Older Adults
Link between pm2.5 and dementia
One wood burning stove emits as much pm2.5 as 500 trucks
Association between exposure to ambient particulate matter and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: results from a cross-sectional study in China
Dealths from emphysema.

Wood Smoke Emissions